Terms & Conditions

RETURNS and REFUND: In the unlikely scenario wherein any product delivered by Sowkhya is found to have any defect AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY, the customer shall have the option to return the product AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY and the company agrees to refund the amount paid by him/her through the same source from which the payment was made to the company. It is specifically agreed by the Customer that the customer shall accept the delivery of the product(s) only after thoroughly satisfying himself/ herself about the quality of the product(s) and once the customer has taken the delivery of the product(s), no request for refund of any amounts on account of quality/size/colour/shape or any other reason whatsoever shall be entertained by Sowkhya. However, in case a manufacturing defect is observed during the tenure of the rental, Sowkhya shall rectify the defect or replace the product with another one (refund shall not be applicable in such a case). Sowkhya undertakes to rectify or replace the defective product(s) within 7 business days of receipt of information from the customer. Please note that in case a product is damaged due to mishandling by the customer, the customer shall have to bear the charges towards the repair of the same. In such a case, the customer shall also have the option to seek a replacement product after paying the repair charges.

CANCELLATION/ EARLY CLOSURE: Any order can be cancelled 4 hours prior to taking the delivery (full or partial) of the order, without attracting any extra cost. Thereafter, cancellation would attract one day’s rent. Sowkhya agrees to refund the amount paid by the customer through the same source from which the payment was made by the customer to the company. Please note that it may take upto 10 days for the payment to reflect back into the customer's account. In case the customer wants to cancel the contract before the end of its agreed Tenure, the monthly rent shall be recalculated. The Customer shall be liable to pay an amount equivalent to the difference of the Re-calculated rent and the monthly rent. This amount shall be in addition to any other amount, including but not limited to damage charges, freight charges etc, payable by the Customer to the Company.